Clickfunnels created millionaires who jumped in as affiliates EARLY.

Clickfunnels created millionaires who jumped in as affiliates EARLY.

Did You Miss It?

(I did)

I was valiantly (or arrogantly) building my own platform when Clickfunnels started. I had tunnel vision. I used my own platform before Clickfunnels was even conceived. But I packed too many features into it and had to let a multimillion dollar project go.

Clickfunnels had a smarter plan and dominated!

But that’s history…

Here’s the “Next Tool” That’ll Create the Next Wave of Top Earning Affiliates…

Kartra now has center stage as the best platform at the same cost. Those who become affiliates with Kartra can kill it by getting the jump.

Remember when Mike Dillard sent me $165,000 after just two weeks of me sending emails to promote EVG? That was just the beginning.

I’ve used Affiliate Marketing to generate millions. And I’m more gung-ho about Kartra than anything I’ve seen or shared before.

I’m showing my partners how I do it – FREE – and WHAT I’m doing to generate thousands in recurring commissions as a Kartra affiliate. There’s nothing extraordinary about it except the results… It’s MINIMALISM (doing more with less).

There’s NO COST to join Kartra’s JV program with me as your guide.

Learn more:


Clickfunnels TOP Promoters “Secretly” Using Kartra in Their Funnels!

Look closely at the funnels of Clickfunnels TOP DOGS who are featured in Two Comma club, who make big money as Clickfunnels affiliates. You’ll see they’re using Kartra in their most important funnel pages! They can’t make the leap as affiliates. They’re making too much in Clickfunnels!

Get the jump. You might even attract some whales onto your own Kartra JV team (get 10% of their referrals – recurring).

It’s FREE to join my team as a Kartra affiliate. And it’s free to join my private group where I’ll show you what I do.

Become a JV partner here (FREE) —


  • Email my team can so they can add you to our private group & learn how to dominate as a Kartra affiliate.

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